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Topology-Based Event Correlation

This section introduces the concept of topology-based event correlation. The information in this section explains how to configure correlation rules and apply them to the indicators that are assigned to the configuration item types you are monitoring with OMi. You can use topology-based event correlation to help you better understand, monitor, and manage the problems that can have an effect on the objects in your IT environment.

The Correlation Rules manager enables you to define and deploy rules that use indicators to correlate the events occurring in the different domains throughout the managed IT environment. You can use the Correlation Rules manager to perform the following tasks:

  • Define and manage correlation rules

  • Visualize the topology of correlation rules

  • View cause and symptoms events

  • Manage indicators and their states

  • Browse the hierarchy of cross-domain correlation rules

To access the Correlation Rules manager, select the following menu option:

Administration > Event Processing > Correlation > Topology-Based Event Correlation

Alternatively, click Topology-Based Event Correlation.