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Searching records

Service Manager enables you to search for records and content in a number of ways.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search enables you to search for a record or group of records in a table. The Advanced Search form enables you to specify a range of search criteria to narrow a search.

Note The tables in which you can perform an Advanced Search depend upon the access rights that you are assigned. For example, if you have limited rights, you may be limited to searches in interaction records or incident records only. However, a system administrator can search most, if not all, tables that are available for record searches.

Quick Search

Quick Search enables you to search for individual records directly from the Service Manager UI. To access the Quick Search search line, click the Command icon on the top right of the Service Manager UI, and then click the Command/Search line toggle button.

Note The Command/Search line toggle button is available in the web client only and is disabled by default.

Smart Search

You can search for content from a range of sources inside and outside of Service Manager by using Smart Search. To access the Smart Search search box, click the Smart Search icon on the top right of the Service Manager UI.

Note The Smart Search icon is displayed only to customers who have Smart Analytics enabled.

For more information about how to use these search methods, see the , below.

Search for a record by using Advanced Search
Search for a record by using Quick Search
Search for content by using Smart Search