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Problems Widget

The Problems widget presents the problems related to the selected CI, either according to their numbers (in CI Overview mode) or by their details (in Widget Details mode). A problem is considered related to a CI if it meets one of the following conditions:

  • It is linked directly to the CI through a Membership link. Note that IT Service Manager connects a Problem to its affected Business Service in the same manner (that is, a Membership link connects the Problem CI with the Business Service CI).
  • If the selected CI is a Model, all problems linked to all the contained CIs in that model (meaning, any other contained model or CI) are considered related to the selected CI.
  • In all other cases, all problems linked to the selected CI's composition/membership connected CIs (probably a Node) are considered related to the selected CI.


All presented data is taken from UCMDB Federated Problems CI (and its relationships).

Note The Create Time for federated CIs will show the Open Time of the Problem in SM. Using non federated Problems CIs (populated with other integrations) will cause the Create Time to be the time when the Problem was created in UCMDB and not the time when the Problem was opened in the external data source.