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Defects Widget

The Defects widget presents the defects opened on all ALM projects that are linked (directly or indirectly) to the selected business element CI. In CI Overview mode, defects are displayed according to the defect number; in Widget Details mode, defect details are displayed, as described below.

A business element CI can be linked directly to one or more ALM project(s), using ALM filters (). A business element CI can also be linked indirectly to ALM projects, through its descendants (it is connected to another business element CI which is linked directly to one ALM project or more).

This widget is displayed only if it has been properly configured in UCMDB. For details on this configuration, see Integrate with ALM (for the Defects Widget).

This widget and the Defects adapter use the Defects CI type (part of Universal Data Model or UDM) for federating data from ALM and using it in the widget.