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Incidents Widget

The Incidents widget presents the incidents related to the selected CI. CI Overview mode shows the number of incidents per priority, where the priority groups are Urgent, Major, Minor, and None. Widget Details mode displays incident details. The Incidents Widget is presented only when the Incidents setting element is enabled and configured from the Infrastructure Settings Manager in UCMDB. All data presented is taken from the UCMDB federated Incidents CI and its relationships.

Note The Create Time for federated CIs will show the Open Time of the Incident in SM. Using non federated Incidents CIs (populated with other integrations) will cause the Create Time to be the time when the Incident was created in UCMDB and not the time when the Incident was opened in the external data source.

This widget displays incidents related to the selected CI as follows:

  • All incidents linked directly to the CI through a Connection link.
  • If the selected CI is a Model. All incidents linked to all the CIs contained in that model (meaning, any other contained model or CI).
  • All incidents linked to CIs that are connected to the currently selected CI through a composition or membership relationship.
  • For BusinessService CIs. All incidents linked directly to the CI through an applicationLink link.

If an incident’s priority does not map to a UCMDB Browser’s Internal Priority, it should not be counted in CI Overview mode nor presented in Widget Details mode. For instructions on how to configure the UCMDB Browser's Internal Priorities, see Configure Browser Internal Priorities (for the Incidents and Problems Widgets).