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Monitoring Widget

The Monitoring widget displays the statuses of KPIs (received from the BSM) for the selected CI. KPI statuses can be one of the following: Ok, warning, minor, major, critical, info, no data, and downtime.

CI Overview mode displays the worst KPI status for the selected CI (where downtime is the worst status, and Ok is the best status). Widget Details mode shows all the details of all KPIs related to the selected CI.

The UCMDB Browser comes with a BSM adapter that is deployed on the UCMDB server when the Browser first loads. For this widget to work, the UCMDB administrator must configure this adapter, as described in Configure the BSM Health Indicator (for the Monitoring Widget).


  • System time on the UCMDB server and BSM server should be synchronized, otherwise monitoring data in the UCMDB Browser will be empty.

  • The BSM does not return KPIs for CI collections.
  • For the Monitoring Widget to properly display KPI statuses for the selected CI, ensure that all CIs monitored in the BSM have the attribute Store KPI History For Over Time=true.

Adding Another Data Source for Display in the Monitoring Widget

If you want to add another data source to be displayed in the Monitoring widget, you must add an additional integration point name to the <data_stores> tag in the ucmdb_browser_config.xml configuration file, as shown in the following example: