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Impact Simulation Widget

The Impact Simulation widget presents the impact analysis of a selected CI (that is, which CIs are impacted by it, according to a selected impact severity level).

The following table displays the severity levels used in the UCMDB Browser and the comparable severity levels in the UCMDB server:

UCMDB Browser UCMDB Server
Critical Critical(9)
High Major(8)
Medium Minor(6)
Low Warning(2)

The severity level for a CI is cleared (set to None) when you log in to the UCMDB Browser.

Note To view data in the Impact Simulation widget, there must be an impact rule created in UCMDB and you must have View permission for the Resource Groups > Impact Analysis resource.

This widget uses out-of-the-box impact rules from UCMDB. To configure the impact rules used by this widget, see Specify Impact Rules