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Open an Emergency Change for an Incident Escalation

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When an Incident Analyst is not able to solve an assigned incident on time, the analyst escalates the incident to the Incident Coordinator. The Incident Coordinator determines how the incident can best be resolved by consulting the Incident Analyst and, if needed, other Incident Analysts.

If the Incident Coordinator determines that the incident can only be solved by implementing an emergency change, the Incident Coordinator proceeds by opening an emergency change.

To open an emergency change for an incident escalation:

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Queue or view your To Do list.
  2. Click an existing incident record.
  3. Open an emergency change from the incident record More Actions menu.
    1. Click More or the More Actions icon and select Related > Changes > Open.
    2. Select Emergency Change to mark this as an emergency change.
    3. In the Urgency field list, update the urgency code choosing 1-Critical.
    4. Enter the name of the person who initiated this change in the Initiated by field.
    5. Click Fill in the Assignment Group field to generate a list of assignment groups, and then choose the applicable assignment group. The Change Coordinator field is populated with the name of the Change Coordinator for that assignment group.
    6. Update all other required fields.
  4. Click Save. The emergency change procedure starts. You can notify the Change Coordinator that the request has occurred and that the emergency change procedure has started.
  5. Return to the related incident record.
  6. Click the list in the Status field of the incident record to update the status to Pending Change.
  7. In the Activities section, do the following:
    1. Select the New Update Type.
    2. In the New Update field, type a description of the update, including information about the new emergency change record.
  8. Click Save & Exit.

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