Reassign Incident Resolution

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One of the tasks of the Incident Analyst is to review and identify incidents received from the incident investigation and diagnosis process that need to be reassigned to another group, because the Incident Analyst does not have the necessary permissions to implement the resolution.

To reassign an incident:

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Queue or view your To Do list.
  2. View and identify any incidents with a resolution (shown in the Solution field) that cannot be accomplished because you do not have the applicable permissions.
  3. Update the Assignment Group and Assignee fields with the applicable group and operator.
  4. In the Activities section, do the following:
    1. From the New Update Type field list, select an update date.
    2. In the New Update field, type a description of the permissions required to implement the resolution.
  5. Click Save & Exit.

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