Matt Kruses JavaScript Libraries License

Micro Focus acknowledges using the following open source components that are provided under this license:

  • Calendar popup

License Text

// ======================== ===========================================

// Author: Matt Kruse <>

// WWW:


// NOTICE: You may use this code for any purpose, commercial or

// private, without any further permission from the author. You may

// remove this notice from your final code if you wish, however it is

// appreciated by the author if at least my web site address is kept.


// You may *NOT* re-distribute this code in any way except through its

// use. That means, you can include it in your product, or your web

// site, or any other form where the code is actually being used. You

// may not put the plain javascript up on your site for download or

// include it in your javascript libraries for download.

// If you wish to share this code with others, please just point them

// to the URL instead.

// Please DO NOT link directly to my .js files from your site. Copy

// the files to your server and use them there. Thank you.

// ===================================================================