Third Party Licenses

Micro Focus acknowledges using third party components in this product. You can view the license text for each of the following third party components.

Licensed product Component Vendor/
License URL
Coroutine for Java Neva Object Technology
Japanese Morphological Analyzer Basis Technology
Sentry Spell Checking Engine 5.1 Wintergreen Software

Teragram Language Analyzer

  • SAS-Teragram Asian Lingustic Suite
  • SAS-Teragram European and Arabic Linguistic Suite
  • SAS-Teragram Language and Character Encoding Identification
  • SAS-Teragram Seach and Indexing
  • SAS-Teragram Spelling Correction
InstallShield 11.5 Macrovision (InstallShield)

Ext JS 3.3

Sench Touch 2.1.1

mxGraph JGraph LTD
ux.ManagedIframe v2.0 for ExtJs 3.X Active Group, Inc.
Treeview JavaScript 4.3 Tree Menu JavaScript Applet
RSA BSAFE Crypto-J 6.1