Field name requirements

You must follow these rules when creating field names:

  • Valid characters include uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, numeric characters 0 through 9, and the period character.
  • Field names must begin with a letter of the alphabet.
  • Spaces and all other special characters are not permitted.
  • Do not use the following Service Manager reserved words (uppercase or lowercase):
    • AND
    • BEGIN
    • DO
    • ELSE
    • END
    • F
    • FALSE
    • FOR
    • IF
    • IN
    • ISIN
    • LIKE
    • MOD
    • N
    • NO
    • NOT
    • OR
    • STEP
    • T
    • THEN
    • TO
    • TRUE
    • U
    • WHILE
    • Y
    • YES

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