Table definition

The Table definition section contains the following information:

Field Contents Notes
Caption Optional. Caption information may appear as a label in the data policy rules for the table. Service Manager uses some Caption fields to specify an index value for a table of localized text. An administrator can customize this field. For example, you can display the name of table.
Description Optional. The Knowledgebase uses the first line of the table description. An administrator can customize this field. For example, you can specify information about the table.
SQL base name SQL mapping uses a unique base name for each table. The maximum length is 13 alphanumeric characters. When you create a new table, Service Manager creates a valid SQL base name and assigns it to the new table. To avoid future upgrade conflicts, it is helpful to specify a base name that does not overlap Service Manager out–of–box table names.
Revision number Specifies the cumulative number of changes to the table. Read only.
Add, delete, or edit fields and keys Click to advance to the Fields and Keys tab.  

If you make any changes to the table definition fields or other table information, click Save.

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