Key type attributes

The attributes of Unique keys differ by RDBMS type. For example, in a DB2 environment, the constraints for a Unique key are No Duplicates and No Null. In an Oracle environment, the constraints are No Duplicates and Null. Due to the variety of constraints for each RDBMS, Service Manager only creates Unique key constraints on the RDBMS that allows Nulls.

You can choose to modify the Unique constraints to primary keys in your RDBMS. If you choose to do so, this will allow No Nulls and No Duplicates if the key is to contain those values.

Key type attributes:

Key Type No Duplicates Allows Duplicates
No Nulls


Primary (If primary key mode is enabled)

No Nulls
Allows Nulls No Duplicates Nulls & Duplicates

Note: IR keys are indexed separately and are not a part of the key types listed in this table.

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