Activate a database dictionary record

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

This procedure assumes the Service Manager system does not have table create-alter-drop-rights to the RDBMS system, and that you have not already created a database dictionary record for this change. If your system has table create-alter-drop-rights to the RDBMS system, then Service Manager automatically creates any necessary tables, columns, and indexes when you create a database dictionary record. If your Service Manager system does not have RDBMS table create-alter-drop-rights, we recommend you create the database dictionary record first and provide DDL to the RDBMS administrator to implement the necessary changes. The Service Manager administrator can then use this procedure to activate the database record when the RDBMS tables and columns become available.

To activate a database dictionary record:

  1. Log on to the Service Manager system with a System Administrator account.
  2. Click Tailoring > Database Dictionary.
  3. Type the existing database dictionary record name in the Filename field, and then click Search.

    The database dictionary record opens.

  4. Click the More Actions and choose Activate Nulltable Rows to have the Service Manager server log in to the RDBMS and check for new columns in the SQL tables that match the fields in database dictionary record.

    Service Manager automatically displays the new field mappings in the database dictionary record.

  5. Click OK to save the database dictionary record.

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