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Generate and install your Service Manager licenses

The Service Manager installer automatically copies AutoPassJ libraries as part of the server installation. AutoPass validates your license and determines what product features are enabled. Follow the steps in this section to obtain your permanent licenses.

  1. Go to the Micro Focus Software Licensing website.
  2. Log on to Micro Focus Passport.

  3. Follow the instructions provided on the website to obtain license keys for your product.
  4. Save the license key file to your system. Install license key(s) directly from a license key file. Do not manually transcribe and edit them from the activation certificate. Copy each license key file to the appropriate target system.

    As part of the process of obtaining a perpetual AutoPass license, a .dat file or several .dat files were sent to the email address that you provided. These files contain the licensing data required to use the applicable Service Manager modules. After you receive these files, follow these steps to move them to the Service Manager Server:

    1. Rename the .dat file to a .txt file so that you can open it with a text editor. For example, rename J8888X1624204.dat to J8888X1624204.txt.

    2. Create a text file named LicFile.txt and place it in the <Service Manager server installation path>/RUN/ directory.
    3. Copy the license data from the license .txt file that you created in step a and paste it in the LicFile.txt file that you created.

    Note Create the LicFile.txt file only once. If you request any additional licenses, append those licenses to the end of this file.

    Tip You can run the "sm -updatelicense" command to load a new license .txt file into the existing one.

    Note Make sure the LicFile.txt file is not read-only. The AutoPass jar files were updated in Service Manager version 9.50. Because of this code change, after upgrading to version 9.50 or later from an earlier version, the first time when you start the Service Manager Server, the Server will attempt to change the content of the license file to XML format. If the license file is read-only, the Service Manager Server will fail to start.

  5. If you plan to run your system in a horizontally-scaled environment, copy LicFile.txt to the <Service Manager server installation path>\RUN\ folder on all hosts running in the horizontal group. In addition, provide the grouplicenseip parameter for each host. The grouplicenseip value should match the IP address that you provided when obtaining the license key.

    Note If you have horizontal scaling implementation setup as a high availability failover cluster, you must request a permanent Service Manager license for both the virtual and the physical IP addresses of the host. Otherwise the Service Manager Server will fail to start.

Temporary licenses

You can use the following command line option to install a 90-day temporary license to evaluate, test, or develop your Service Manager system: sm -instantOn.

You can install a temporary license once per system. The license is valid for 60 days. Within this 60-day period, you must obtain a perpetual license key or a trial evaluation extension to continue using the product. During the last 10 days of the evaluation period, every user who logs in to the system will see a license expiration warning message. To remove the warning message, a system administrator must follow the steps above to obtain perpetual license files.

Note If you have not purchased all modules and want to consider adding modules for review during the Instant-On process, contact your Micro Focus account manager.

Next, make sure you meet the Service Manager server installation requirements. See Meet the Service Manager Server requirements.