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Knowledge Management statistics tracked in the kmusagehistory table

The Service Manager kmusagehistory table is intended for generating statistics to track knowledge documents at various stages.

The following document statistics are tracked in the kmusagehistory table.

Statistic Description
Viewed Tracks documents viewed as the result of a search. This indicates if a knowledge document can be found and used in its existing state. If a document is viewed from a URL linked directly to the kmdocument record, the viewed statistic in kmusagehistory is not incremented. You can change this default behavior by specifying a parameter with the URL request. When the parameter is specified, the usage history and view count will be logged and incremented.
Created Tracks new knowledge documents that have been created.
Submitted for approval: Tracks new and updated knowledge documents submitted for content verification and approval.
Approved internal Tracks knowledge documents published internally.
Approved external Tracks knowledge documents published externally.
Modify Tracks modified knowledge documents.
Revert Tracks knowledge documents reverted to their original state after modifications have already been made.
Retired Tracks knowledge documents taken out of the knowledgebase and retired either because the knowledge documents reached their expiration date or the content was no longer applicable.
Deleted Tracks deleted knowledge documents.
Unretired Tracks knowledge documents put back into circulation and made available in the knowledgebase after having been earlier retired and pulled out of the documentation queue.
Used Solution Tracks the number of times a knowledge document was used as a solution for Interaction, Incident, and Problem records.

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