First Time Fixed Interactions


The First Time Fixed Interactions report breaks down all closed interactions in a given time period by status (first-time-fixed or non-first-time-fixed), and then by service type (Applications, E-mail/Webmail, Intranet/Internet, My Devices, Printing, Service Management, etc.). Using a pie chart, this report contains a graphical representation of the breakdown of first-time-fixed versus non-first-time-fixed interactions the Service Desk deals with upon the first contact without support from other levels. You can double-click any piece of the pie to display a detailed breakdown of the category by service. This report organizes the information using groups and sub-groups to provide a quick view of percentages and total counts by status and service.

Customer Value

This report provides information about the knowledge of the Service Desk and the workload handled by the Service Desk for a specified time period. A high first-time-fixed rate indicates that the Service Desk is skillful, knowledgeable, and familiar with using the right tools to help end-users resolve their issues at the initial contact. In addition, the first-time-fixed rate is high only when all Service Desk staff can efficiently use their knowledge and tools. Therefore, sharing knowledge within the whole ICT department, for instance within Problem Management, takes a big part in optimizing the rate. A high first-time-fixed rate also boosts the customer satisfaction rate as end-users like to be helped directly when contacting the Service Desk. This will also improve efficiency at the Service Desk and for the entire IT support organization, as only few actions are needed if an interaction is closed by the Service Desk.