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Enable Mandanten security on a file

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

You must have the SysAdmin capability word to use this procedure.

To enable Mandanten security on a file:

  1. Create a security group to define the filtering conditions you want to use on the protected file.
  2. Define the Mandant field that you want Service Manager to read when it checks whether an operator meets the filtering conditions.
  3. Add any restricting queries you want to add to the security group.
    Restricting queries further restricts the data that operators in the security group can access.
  4. Assign operators to security groups that match the data you want them to access.

    Note: If the system administrator does not assign an operator to a security group, then that operator can see an unfiltered view of all the files to which the operator's user role and application profile permit access.

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