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Startup options for servlet container processes

The only way you can start the servlet container processes in a servlet implementation is to manually start all needed servlet container processes in advance. We recommend that you start all needed servlet container processes in advance because it ensures that the host dedicates sufficient system resources to client connections, and because clients do not experience any connection delays while a servlet container process starts up. Each servlet container process requests host system resources when it first started. By starting all processes in advance you ensure that the host has sufficient resources to run your servlet container processes, and you can determine how much spare capacity, if any, the host has. In addition, clients do not have to wait for a servlet container process to start before they can connect. You can manually start servlet container processes requires using the following parameters from the command line or Service Manager configuration file (sm.cfg).

Implementation Command line parameters or configuration file entries
Single servlet implementation
sm -httpPort:13081 httpsPort:13082
Horizontal or vertical scaling implementations
sm -httpPort:13080 -loadBalancer
sm -httpPort:13081 -httpsPort:13082

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