Start a Service Manager client listener

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

You can start one or more client listeners to manage your system's Web and Windows client connection requests. The number of client listeners you need to start depends upon the type of servlet implementation you are running.

Note: The client listener cannot accept connection requests from legacy integration products such as SCAuto. For these SCAuto connections, you must start an SCAuto listener (scautolistener).

You must have administrative access to the server operating system to use this procedure.

To start a Service Manager client listener:

  1. Stop the Service Manager server.
  2. Open the Windows command prompt.
    Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
  3. Change directories to the RUN folder of your Service Manager installation. For example:
    cd C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\ Service Manager\server\RUN
  4. Type the one of the following commands:

    Servlet implementation optionCommand line parameters or configuration file entries
    Single servlet implementation
    sm -httpPort:13081 httpsPort:13082
    Horizontal or vertical scaling implementations
    sm -httpPort:13080 -loadbalancer
    sm -httpPort:13081 -httpsPort:13082

    Each client listener listens to client connection requests on a separate communications port. You can specify your own communications port for the example port above.

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