Version control best practice

Create an operator record for each developer

Each developer should have their own operator record to log in to Service Manager rather than using the default System Administrator operator record. This helps to track code changes, because the value of the sysmoduser field of the applicatios object is set as the currently logged-in user.

Streamline the code repository versions

Prior to any development, export the Service Manager OOB database as the initial repository for future comparison and analysis. Then, export your organization’s current, customized database as the second-version repository.

Note When you upgrade Service Manager to a later version and resolve all conflicts, you must export the complete upgraded database again as the new code repository.

Turn off this function when it is not needed

The source version control function decreases system performance. Therefore, you should comment out the source version control configuration lines in the sm.ini file when it is not needed.

Synchronize number/counters records after merging updated code to another environment

When you merge updated code to another environment, sometimes the maximum ID number in number/counters records may not synchronize with the related records. Run the following script to synchronize data:

run ScriptLibrary
lib.BaseUtil.function synchronizeCountersAndNumbers()

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