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Forms Designer properties view

The Properties view enables you to examine and set the property value for each object on your form. The values in the property fields determine how the object appears on the form, and how the object interrelates with the user and with the database.

The Properties view displays a window containing two columns, a property column and a value column. You can click the Property tab to sort the properties alphabetically or by category.

Like any view in the client, you can undock the properties view and move it to anywhere on your desktop.

Note: You can turn on the properties view and use it outside of Forms Designer to determine form field properties for any object in focus. However, since labels cannot gain focus, you cannot view properties for labels outside of Forms Designer.

The Properties view includes property specific in–place editors for changing values. There are six types of property editors:

  • Text
  • Boolean (check box)
  • Color swatches
  • Comboboxes
  • Lists (with editor window)
  • Images preview

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