Add a relationship record

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

Relationship Manager allows you to manage not only relationships that are defined by the erddef, link, and relatedObjectMap tables, but also relationships that you manually create. You can manually add a relationship record, and then update it or delete it as needed.

Note Manually created relationship have a Definition Type of manual. You can update or delete this type of relationships .

To add a relationship record, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > Relationship Manager to open Relationship Manager.

  2. In the Table Name field, type the name of the table for which you want to add a relationship. For example, operator.

  3. Optionally, enter other search fields as needed.
  4. Click Search. A list of relationships is displayed.
  5. Select a record from the list, and click Copy.
  6. Change the values of the following fields as needed: Source Table, Source Field, Target Table, and Target Fields.
  7. Click Add. Service Manager adds the relationship record.

    Caution If your input contains incorrect data, data validation fails and the record is not added.

    The Relationship Type and Status fields are automatically populated with manual and fixed, respectively.

  8. The Data Reference Check option is automatically selected. If you want to skip this relationship for data reference checking, click Skip Data Reference Check, and then click Save. See Skip data reference checking for a relationship.
  9. Verify the new record.
    1. Click OK to return to Relationship Manager.
    2. Perform a search to locate the record you added. The record should have the following values:
      • Relationship Type: manual
      • Status: fixed
  10. If needed, you can further update the record, and then click Save.
  11. If you no longer want to keep the record, click Delete to delete it.

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