Related Records data migration

Process Designer-based related records retrieves information that is displayed in the related records columns directly from the screlation table. The table contains a large number of screlation records and the field values are generated based on legacy sccrelconfig settings. Therefore, you must perform data migration in order for the related records section to be displayed correctly.

An out-of-box script ("DataMigrationForRelatedRecords") is available to perform this data migration. To run the script, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Script Library and search for the "DataMigrationForRelatedRecords" file.
  2. Open the file and uncomment the following line:


  3. Execute the script. The data migration is performed automatically.

Note By default, only active screlation records are migrated (for time-saving purposes). Therefore, if you view inactive (closed ) records in the related records section, the wrong field value may be displayed.

To migrate all the screlation records, uncomment the following line, and then execute the script:


If you have a large number (millions) of screlation records, the script may take hours to update all the records. Therefore, you must ensure that the Windows client session timeout setting is large enough for the script to complete.