Step 4: Test the test environment

After you apply the custom upgrade on the test environment, perform user acceptance testing and load testing for all features, especially customized applications. Test the upgraded system with the new Service Manager client to verify any changes you have made in reconciliation. If the upgrade process has any problems, you need to contact Micro Focus Customer Support. After you complete testing of the upgraded system, you can use it to upgrade your production system.

To test the test environment, follow these steps:

  1. Return the system to a normal operating environment.
  2. Install and configure the Service Manager client for the target version (see instructions in Service Manager Installation).
  3. Use the new Service Manager client to log on.
  4. Review the features described in the Service Manager 9.60 Help Center.
  5. Use the new Service Manager client to thoroughly test the upgraded system. Test all features that your users will access. Pay particular attention to areas that were modified on your system.