Determine the correct structure

In most cases, you should add the new field to the descriptor structure. However, sometimes the Structure field contains something other than the word "descriptor". When this occurs, add the new field to the appropriate location.

Action to take with non-descriptor fields:

In this instance Add the field here
The field resides in another structure

Check the cm3r dbdict. There is a "middle" field of structure type.

The field is an array If the field is an array, the field name appears twice in the new field list. Check any field of array type. The root field has array type, but the same name field normally has the real type (for example, VARCHAR(60)). Use the first entry to determine the structure where you should add the array. The Structure field in the second entry reflects both the structure for the array (unless it uses the descriptor structure) and the name of the array itself.
The field is part of an array of structures Check the kmcategory dbdict permission field, which is a structured array field.

Note When adding fields to an array of structures, add them in the same order as they appear in the sqlupgrade record.