Close an Incident

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Incidents that have been resolved satisfactorily and have no associated events, interactions, or changes are closed by specifying a closure code and updating the status to closed. Incidents that have associated events, interactions, or changes require additional processing.

To close an incident:

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Queue or view your To Do queue.
  2. Select an incident that is ready to be closed.
  3. Click Fill in the Closure Code field to select an applicable code.
  4. Enter the resolution in the Solution field and verify that the information is correct and complete.
  5. Click Close Incident. The status changes to Closed.
  6. Click Save & Exit.
  7. In the Confirm Outage Information form, update or accept the specified outage start and end times and click OK. You are returned to your To Do queue. The status is updated to Closed.

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Incident Closure (SO2.5)