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Relate a record to an incident record

Applies to User Roles:

As part of incident processing, you can relate or associate an existing interaction, incident, change, quote, or problem to an incident. Use related records to associate an incident with any applicable interactions, changes, quotes, or problems so that status changes or updates that you make will also be made to associated records.

To relate a record to an incident record:

  1. Click Incident Management > Incident Queue or view your To Do queue.
  2. Select a target record.
  3. Click More or the More Actions icon for the detail record.
  4. Click Related, and then choose one of the following:
    • Interactions > Associate
    • Incidents > Associate
    • Changes > Associate
    • Quotes > Associate
    • Problems > Associate
  5. When the Associating Records dialog box opens, type the ID number of the record.
  6. You can also use Search in the Associating Records dialog box to locate the applicable ID number.
  7. Click OK.

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