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Purging and archiving records

The purge and archive function lets you save Service Manager records to an external file and then delete those records from the database. You can use the purge and archive function to archive data as part of your backup plan or to free up space on your system. You can access the purge and archive function manually or as part of a scheduled process.

You can use the purge and archive function in one of four ways:

  • Archive records only
  • Purge records only
  • Archive and then purge records
  • Schedule an archive, a purge, or an archive and purge process

You can also use the purge and archive function in conjunction with data maps. When you define a data map, you declare certain records as having a mapping or connection to other tables and records. If you have created data maps, you can enable them during the purge and archive process to determine what additional records Service Manager should include in the process.

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