Unload script utility

The unload script utility enables system administrators to create Service Manager unload files automatically. The unload script utility enhances the standard unload creation process in many ways. With unload scripts, you can:

  • Save records from multiple tables into a single unload file.
  • Specify a query for each source table that filters the records added to the unload file.
  • Purge records during the unload process.
  • Specify which formats to protect during a purge process.
  • Add related records from the data map file to the unload file.

The unload script utility is available in Tailoring. By default, Service Manager includes a collection of unload scripts that you can use for common unload tasks. You can also use the default unload scripts as templates to create your own customized unload scripts.

To create and use unload scripts effectively, you must be familiar with the Service Manager Database Manager. You can create a query on any field in the file, but querying keyed fields improves system performance and response time. You can create record queries using Structured Query Language (SQL) syntax.

You can use the Purge/Archive utility to unload and purge records from one file; if you use datamaps, you can use Purge/Archive to unload and purge related records as well.

After you load a .unl file to import data into Service Manager, you must stop and then restart the Service Manager server. This ensures that the table changes are initialized.

Note: The Unload Script utility unloads tables using the binary unload file format.

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