Add an alias field

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

You can add an alias field by using System Definition or by using the Database Dictionary utility. Choose one of the following methods to add an alias field.

Note: You must use the Windows client whenever you need to add or edit a field/key in a database dictionary table.

Add an alias field by using System Definition

  1. In the System Navigator, click System Definition > Tables.

    Note: To expand any table in the record list, type the first letter of a table name to jump to that alphabetic section. For example, type o to jump to the oncall table.

  2. Expand Fields, and then select a field.

    The Fields and keys definitions for the activity table opens.

  3. In the Aliases section, click New.
  4. In the Alias name field, type an alias name.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save to save your changes.

Add an alias field by using the Database Dictionary utility

To add an alias field by using the Database Dictionary utility:

  1. Click Tailoring > Database Dictionary.
  2. In the File Name field type a file name, and then click Search.

    The record opens.

  3. On the Fields tab, scroll through the fields and select one.
  4. Click Edit Field/Key.

    The field window opens.

  5. Click Create Alias.
  6. In the Name field, type the name of the alias.
  7. Click OK.
  8. After the record has been updated, click OK again.

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