Add fields to a structure

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

You can add fields to a structure with the Database Dictionary utility.

Note: You must use the Windows client whenever you need to add a new field/key to a database dictionary table.

To add a field to a structure:

Example: Add a field to the descriptor structure in the device table.

To add fields to a structure by using the Database Dictionary utility:

  1. Open a file in the database dictionary, and then position the cursor on the structure descriptor.
  2. Click New Field/Key, and then do the following.

    1. In the Name field, type: logical.example.
    2. In the Type field, type character, or select character from the Type list of valid data types.
  3. Click Add to add the new field in this structure.

    The field is added to the bottom of the list of fields under the structure.

  4. Double-click the new field to provide the remaining SQL information.
  5. Click OK once more to save your edits and end, or click Cancel to quit without recording the edits.

You must also add any new fields to the appropriate formats using Forms Designer to make the field available to users. For additional information, see the Forms Designer Help.

When you add a new field to structures that are blobs such as an image type, you do not need the additional SQL information.

When creating categories in Incident Management, define any additional fields in the newly-created categories within the middle structure in the problem dbdict record.

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