Insert a key between other keys

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

Example: Insert the key company between the keys name and operators in a copy of the assignment file.

To insert a key between other key:

  1. Open the assignment dbdict.
  2. Make a copy of the assignment dbdict named assignment1.
  3. Click on the key type of the second key, Nulls & Duplicates in this example, above the operators key.
  4. Click New.
  5. In the new key window, select a valid key in the Type field by either typing in the value or selecting it from the drop down menu under the arrow button. Use No Nulls for this example.
  6. Enter company in the field names array.
  7. Click Add to add this key to the assignment2 database dictionary record.
    The key company now appears after the first key, in the second place in the list, and the operators key has moved down the list of keys in the assignment2 database dictionary record. All other keys are moved down the screen. You can scroll the keys array to view the other keys in the list.
  8. You can now reedit your database dictionary record, update it, or cancel without updating.
    You must update your database dictionary record when adding a new key, or the database dictionary record will remain the same.
  9. Press OK once you are finished adding keys to the database dictionary record, to close and automatically update the file. This returns the message Record updated in the dbdict file.
  10. You can either click OK (regen file) to continue with the regen, click Cancel (F3) to abort the regen and restore the database dictionary record to the version prior to the latest changes, or schedule a time for the file regeneration, using Schedule (clock button).
  11. To remove the key, select it and click Edit.
  12. The edit window appears, but ignore the window, and instead click Delete on the main record format.
  13. The next viable key is displayed, if not modifying this key click OK.
    You are returned to the database dictionary record minus the key.
  14. Click OK to save the record.

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