Verify the field name

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

The system validates all field names defined in the record (Unique A through D and all Field Names) against the selected database dictionary file. When it finds an invalid field name, Service Manager displays the following message: “The Field ‘field name’ is invalid. Select one from the list.”, and a pop-up window opens showing a list of valid field names for the specified database dictionary.

To correct a field name:

  1. Double-click on the correct Field name in the fieldname window, and then click End.
    The system copies selected field name to the appropriate field.
    - or -
    Copy the correct field name, click End, and paste the field name into the field.

    Service Manager displays the following message: “Record added to the auditspecs file”, which means that all fields have been validated and that the record has been saved.
  2. Re-query the record before attempting to make any modifications.
  3. Exit the form.
  4. Re-open the auditspec form.
  5. Query for the contacts specifications record.

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