The Subroutines form

Consider each field in the Subroutines form in terms of the outcome you are seeking. The following fields are contained in the Subroutines form:

Field Definition
Add This field needs to be true, since you want audit data to be written whenever a new record is added.
Upd (update) This field needs to be true to allow audit data to be written whenever there is a modification to an existing record.
Del (delete) This field is empty, as that would write an audit record whenever a record is deleted.
Dis (display) This field is empty.
Before This setting on the subroutine call can be set to true or false.
  • If it is true, and the audit detects a key error, then an Audit record exists, but the update never occurs.
  • If it is false, then you receive the Record Updated message before the Audit Recorded message.
Application This field states the application that compares the fields in the old and new data records, and if necessary, adds a record to the Audit Log file.
Error Message This field provides the error message, which is displayed if the process cannot be completed as planned.
Names This field states which files are handled by the subroutine.
Activate the Save Copy option on the Format Control Maintenance form to make this file variable available
  • Pass the Old (or original) version of the data record to the file parameter.
  • Pass the New (or updated) version of the data record to the second.file parameter.
Values Values in this field correspond to each parameter. These values state to which variables Service Manager passes the data.

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