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Using mass update with Incident Management record lists

Mass update enables you to select multiple records from a list of records and then to update the value in a field or several fields in the selected records. The system provides a template form that displays the fields for the selected records and allows a user to change the value of any of the displayed fields. The Mass Update template form does not display all fields in the records. For example, fields marked read only in the data policy do not display. You can also do a Complex Update on the selected records. A Complex Update uses RAD expressions containing variables and concatenated fields to populate another field in the records.

When doing a mass update, you should remember that the value you enter for a particular field becomes the value for that field for all of the selected records. Whenever you update incident records, you must also update the incident activity data.

Mass update is available for incident records and incident queue records. The ADMIN and SYSADMIN profiles in the out-of-box system provide the Template Mass Update and Complex Mass Update capability

A System Administrator can edit the datadict table and probsummary file so that a field does not appear in the list of fields displayed by the Mass Update wizard. On the Data Policy form, change the Usage Type column for the field to System.

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