Parameter: utallocmode

Startup parameters change the behavior of the Service Manager server. You can always set a startup parameter from the server's operating system command prompt.




This parameter enables the Service Manager server to log the memory allocation details for each server thread in the server's logs folder. Set this parameter to one of these values:

  • 0 (default): Disables this feature.
  • 2: Enables this feature. When enabled, in the server's logs folder, a file named memusage.<PID>.<TID>.log.csv is generated for each server thread to report the memory allocation details, and if a potential memory leak is detected a file named memleak.<PID>.<TID>.log is also created. Here, <PID> represents the process ID, and <TID> represents the thread ID.

    This parameter is used in conjunction with the memusagereportgranularity parameter, which defines the memory granularity (in megabytes) to use when reporting the detailed memory usage of a single thread. The default is 40 megabytes, and the minimum is 10 megabytes.

    Caution Use this feature for debugging purposes only, because enabling this feature may downgrade your system performance.

Valid if set from

Server's operating system command prompt

Initialization file (sm.ini)

Requires restart of Service Manager server?


Default value

0 (Disabled)

Possible values

0, and 2

Example usage

Command line: sm -httpPort:13080 -utallocmode:2

Initialization file: utallocmode:2

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