What is a cacerts file?

The cacerts file is a collection of trusted certificate authority (CA) certificates. Oracle includes a cacerts file with its SSL support in the Java™ Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) tool kit and JDK. It contains certificate references for well-known Certificate authorities, such as VeriSign™. Its format is the "keystore" format defined by Oracle. An administrator can edit the cacerts file with a command line tool (also provided by Oracle) called keytool. For more information about keytool, see the Oracle website.

Note The default password for the cacerts file supplied by Oracle is changeit. You must use this password to view the contents or to import a new certificate. For security reasons, change the default password.

The essential requirement is that the certificate authority that signed the Service Manager server’s certificate must be in the list of certificate authorities named in this file. To use a self-issued server certificate created with OpenSSL or a tool such as Microsoft Certificate Server™, you must import the certificate for this private certificate authority into the cacerts file that the client uses for SSL. If you do not import the certificate, SSL connections fail because the Java SSL implementation does not recognize the certificate authority.

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