Add a client certificate to the Windows client

You can add a client certificate to your Windows client to support client host validation or trusted sign-on.

Note The following procedure assumes that you have already generated or obtained a client certificate for your Windows client and imported the client certificate into a keystore.

  1. Log on to the Windows client system.
  2. Copy the keystore containing the client certificate to one of two locations:
    • <Windows client installation path>\plugins\ folder
    • A network share accessible to your Windows clients
  3. Open the Windows client.
  4. Click Window > Preferences > Service Manager > Security.
  5. Click Browse for the CA Certificate File field.
  6. Browse to the path of the cacerts keystore containing the server's CA certificate.
  7. Click Browse for the Client Keystore File field.
  8. Browse to the path of the keystore containing the Windows client's certificate.
  9. In the Client Keystore Password field, type the password to access the client keystore.
  10. Click OK to accept the path.
  11. Click OK to save your changes.

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