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Publish and subscribe

You can present virtually any data generated by Service Manager to users. End users, from first level support personnel to administrators, need current, updated information about changing conditions across the system. Publish and Subscribe allows a system administrator to select pertinent data and present it to user groups in a visual format.

Publish and Subscribe saves system resources by eliminating the need for individual users to query the system every time they want an update. Desired system data is gathered by automatic background processes at prescribed intervals and published to subscriber groups.

Display objects subscribing to Service Manager data are automatically updated with current information in intervals defined by the System Administrator. Rapidly changing features and slowly developing trends can be expressed with the same process.

Forms created for specific user groups (for example, Change Management personnel or Incident Management administrators) provide the end user with dynamic system data that requires no user interaction to extract data. The System Administrator chooses the data to be published and defines display attributes, such as chart values, marquee messages, and color.


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