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Service Manager macros

Service Manager macros are discrete units of work a System Administrator invokes to do things like sending email to a specific address. These macros are more similar to Microsoft Access macros than to Microsoft Word macros, which simply record and play back keystrokes.

Macros are distinct actions, driven by predefined conditions, that execute when a record is saved in the database. Macro actions are associated with files and reflect certain states in the records of those files. If a macro’s condition evaluates to true when a record is saved, the macro’s action executes. A typical condition is priority.code in $ “1”, causing that macro’s action to execute when a saved incident record has a priority code of 1.

As a Service Manager System Administrator, you can create macros to run processes automatically when specified events occur. For example, you can create a macro to send an email to a manager when an incident record hits a deadline alert.

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