Sizing graphics

When creating or placing images in the Service Manager GUI, create the image in the size needed. Do not create oversized or undersized images and expect Service Manager to resize them properly. There are several important reasons for this.

  • When scaling images, the quality of the image distorts.
  • The size of the image is not changed and thus may be a performance consideration.
  • The Web client has no way of resizing the image. For example, in the Service Manager GUI, if you placed a large image in a button, the GUI and the Eclipse client size it properly based on the button container. The Web client does not do this and has no way of scaling the image to the size of the parent container. Thus the image appears as its original size in the Web client. The bigger the original size, the bigger it appears in the Web client. On the Web this can also be a major performance issue because large images require more bandwidth and cause slow browser performance.

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