Using the HTML Editor

To add HTML, type or paste text into the HTML Editor and format it as desired. The Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Extended toolbars enable you to switch between source and WYSIWYG mode. If you have a Knowledge Management toolbar, you can view the HTML source code and edit it directly.

Note While in WYSIWYG mode, the editor makes choices about how to apply the tags you select. If you want more control over how the tags are applied, ask your administrator for a Knowledge Management toolbar and use source mode for editing.

To add an image, save the image locally, upload it as an attachment, and then add an <img> tag that points to the attachment in the HTML editor. In the web client (on Firefox and Chrome only), you can also use the copy and paste function to paste the image into the HTML Editor directly. The image is uploaded as an attachment automatically, and an <img> tag containing a link to the image is displayed in the HTML Editor.

Note Out-of-box, the copy and paste function is only available in Knowledge Management. To enable this functionality for other modules, you must meet following prerequisites:

  • You are running the Service Manager 9.52 (or later) web client and server.

  • The form contains an Attachment Container control.

  • The Insert Image Option property is defined for the HTML Editor control on the form.

Currently, this functionality is not supported in HTML email.

In the Windows client and web client, press Enter for a new paragraph <p> and press Shift+Enter for a line break <br>. To exit a numbered or bulleted list and start a new paragraph <p>, you can press Enter twice.

The HTML Viewer will render valid HTML, but you must ensure that the HTML you enter is valid and is properly integrated into the HTML document. For example:

  • If you paste in HTML containing a JavaScript requiring a file provided by another application, that JavaScript will not work in the HTML Viewer.
  • If you copy an HTML form with buttons, the form will render, but the buttons will not work in the HTML Viewer.

In the Windows client, if you paste text from a Microsoft Word document into the HTML Editor, the editor opens a window that allows you to select options to clean the HTML work created.

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