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Using the web client in accessible mode

You can use Service Manager in the web client’s accessible mode if you log in by using an accessible URL. The following table describes how to use Service Manager in accessible mode.

Accessibility feature Notes

To move the focus into a field, press the Tab key until it reaches that field.

To return the focus to the previous location, press Shift+Tab.

Note: On some forms, there may be fields that are not displayed. In this case, tabbing does move focus to the invisible field until you press the Tab key again.
Selecting text To select text, use the standard operating system keystrokes.
Service Manager buttons

To access the Service Manager button actions, press Enter when the focus is on the button.

Alternatively, use the Service Manager keyboard shortcuts or web client keyboard shortcuts.

Text area

To tab to the next text area, press the Tab key in Internet Explorer or Shift+Tab in Firefox.

To tab to the previous text area, press Shift+Tab.

Collapsible groups

Use the Tab key to navigate between collapsible group titles.

When the group title you want is in focus, press Enter to expand the group.

Check boxes To change the value of a checkbox, move the focus to that checkbox and press Space.
Radio buttons To select a radio button from a group of buttons, press the Tab key to until the focus is on one of the radio buttons. Then press the Left/Right Arrows until the focus is on the one that you want to select.
Detail tab headers You can only shift the focus to the header of an active tab. When the focus is on the header of an active tab, you can use Left/Right Arrows to switch to other tabs.

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