Create manual relationships

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System Administrator

An Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a graphic description of the logical structure of a database. Database administrators often rely on conceptual and physical data models to understand the relationships among tables, records, and data, and to produce reports.

To create manual relationships in the ERD definition:

  1. Click Tailoring > Tailoring Tools > ERD Create Records.
  2. Click Search to display a list of existing records.
  3. Select an application name, and then select the Manual Relationships tab.
    Note: The Manual Relationships tab enables you to define any relationship that is not automatically detected by Service Manager through link, erddef, and datadict records. You must identify the two files that are related and the specific fields that create the relationship.
  4. Type a user-defined unique Name for the relationship.
  5. Type the name of a source file where the relationship originates in the From File text box.
  6. Type the name of a field in this file in the From Field text box.
  7. Type the name of a target file in the To File text box.
  8. Type the name of a field in this file in the To Field text box.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click OK.

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