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Note: Perspectives are available in the Windows client only.

A perspective contains one or more views, and perhaps an editor, that provides all of the data and tools you need to complete a Service Manager task. Service Manager has a default perspective that is standard for accessing forms and data. The Administration perspective contains several Service Manager administrative views that help troubleshoot the user interface or monitor client/server traffic.

You can customize these standard perspectives, or create new ones according to your needs. For example, one user might want to add another view to all of the default Service Manager views. If you save this with a name, you can reuse it. Another user might want to see the same views, but docked or stacked differently within the Workbench. Building a customized perspective is similar to creating a personal Windows desktop.

The default Service Manager perspective opens the first time you log in to Service Manager. Click Window > Open Perspective to choose a default or customized perspective. You can also access perspectives from the icons on the left shortcut bar. When you choose a perspective for the first time, its icon appears on the shortcut bar and remains there until you end the session.

The following table lists available perspectives in Service Manager. You can define your own perspectives to customize the way you work with the Windows client.

Icon Perspective name Purpose User
Administration icon Administration Troubleshoot the user interface or monitor client/server traffic. Within the Administration perspective, there are eight available views arranged in tab format. Each view displays different information. For more information, see the Application Administration help. Administrators
Service Manager icon Service Manager The default perspective when you first log in. This perspective is for any Service Manager user and displays view and editor panes that help you access Service Manager applications. Service desk operators and administrators

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