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You can customize the way you view the Windows client by changing settings in Preferences dialog.

If you are an administrator, you can configure a common set of Windows client preferences. For example, you can ensure all users have the same log file, security, and help server settings.

Administrators also have the option to set Windows client preferences in the sm.ini file. These preferences override any conflicting settings that appear in the Windows client Preferences dialog.

Administrators can configure a common set of Web client preferences in the ../WEB-INF/web.xml file. Thereafter, these preference settings apply to all Web client sessions.

If you are an end user, you can change default settings to customize your Windows client environment. For example, you can change some appearance, chart, and spell checking properties.

There is a Preferences filter available that enables you to filter preferences so that only a few preferences are displayed or a specific preference set (for example Appearance) is displayed. By typing the beginning letters or complete name of the preference setting in the Preferences filter text box, you can filter the list so only those preferences that match what you type appear in the list.

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