Add new object record failure

All the upgraded objects are saved in the upgradeobjects table, and you need to add some objects from this table to the current upgradeobjects table. If the target table contains more than one unique type key, some errors may occur when adding new objects during the upgrade process. Refer to the following error message as an example.

2014-03-20 14:04:29 file:inbox, updated the field value from 10000313 to 14042954310000313

The value of the field is 10000313 in this example, which is used in the current upgradeobjects table. If the Upgrade Utility adds an inbox record that contains the same value for this field, the current value of the field is automatically prefixed with a timestamp to avoid duplication errors. The timestamp is composed of hour (two bits), minute (two bits), second (two bits) and millisecond (three bits). In this example, the timestamp is 140429543.

After upgrading, you can update the temporary value of the field as necessary.