Step 2: Meet the software requirements

Before you start your upgrade, make sure that you meet the following Service Manager system requirements:

  • Your RDBMS version, operating system, and client/server environment must meet all criteria listed in the Support Matrix for the target version. See the Service Manager Support Matrices to review the Support Matrix.
  • To directly upgrade your existing applications to Service Manager 9.60, your existing Service Manager applications release level must be one of the following:

    • Service Manager 9.3x without Process Designer installed
    • Service Manager 9.31 or later with Process Designer Content Pack 9.30.2 or 9.30.3 installed
    • Service Manager 9.4x Classic, Codeless, or Hybrid
    • Service Manager 9.5x Codeless, or Hybrid
  • The Service Manager server process (sm) must have read-write access to the database.


It is highly recommended, at a minimum, that you back up the database at the following strategic points in the upgrade lifecycle:

  • After applying an upgrade
  • After resolving conflicts

NFS-mounted partitions

Do not install either Service Manager or the Service Manager Upgrade Utility on an NFS-mounted remote partition. This can cause serious performance degradation. The performance of an NFS-mounted partition drops significantly if it reads data in many small pieces instead of one large chunk. Service Manager generates a lot of database read/write activity. An NFS-mounted partition is significantly slower than a local drive when running the Upgrade Utility process.